Bekings Poultry Farm
Contact: Bekings family
Address: 2405 Jochem Rd Oxford Station, ON, K0G 1T0
Email Address:
Phone: 613-258-5396
About Us
Beking’s Poultry Farm is a third generation family owned and operated farm that has been selling eggs in Eastern Ontario for over 60 years. Although our farm has grown over those years we continue to use the same cage-free farming methods that our Grandfather and father used before.
Every egg from our farm comes from a hen who is able to run around, dust bathe, perch and live out their natural behaviours. We also operate our own CFIA inspected grading station on the farm which allows us to deliver your eggs in 1 to 4 days of it being laid by the hen.
In 2018 we expanded by building a new certified organic barn for hens that can be raised on pasture. These eggs are certified by Eco Cert Canada and the birds are fed a 100% certified organic non-gmo feed. As a family we decided to not stop there and we built the barn to be carbon neutral designed. Through the use of solar panels we have offset most of our electricity. For heating we use heat exchangers in the winter to recycle and filter warm air in the barn so that the only heat source needed on a cold day is the heat from the birds. Also, all of our manure and carbon waste is composted in a rotating drum to turn it into an organic usable compost for gardeners. Through new innovative farming practices we believe we can provide the best quality egg and continue our passion for farming in a sustainable way for the next generation.