Capital Bees
Contact: Ron St. Louis
City: Blackburn Hamlet, ON,
Email Address:
Phone: 613-852-5063
About Us
About Our Bees and Beekeeping Methods
We currently keep about 25-50 beehives right in the Ottawa Greenbelt at the Just Food Farm in Blackburn Hamlet. These bees forage on an abundance of wildflowers and flowering trees, and we help pollinate the delicious organic veggies of our farm neighbours.
We are Certified Naturally Grown, which means we practice natural (non-certified) organic beekeeping. We do not use antibiotics or synthetic chemicals. We practice responsible beekeeping through Integrated Pest Management, and we breed bees for resistance to pests and diseases.
We gently and lovingly handle the bees with the honour and respect they deserve. We are very conservative with how much honey we harvest so we can leave them plenty for the winter without artificial feed.
Certified Naturally Grown Honey
You can rest assured that our honey is nothing but the good stuff and still has all the good stuff.
Certified Naturally Grown honey means that we don’t use synthetic pesticides or antibiotics to control pests or diseases. We only use natural methods that are similar to organic standards.
We do not pasteurize our honey. Our honey crystallizes naturally.