JolyJam Heritage Hog Farms
Contact: Pamela Paquette
City: Prescott, ON, K0E1T0
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Phone: 613-556-2787
About Us
Allow me to introduce you to the people who brought you this juicy, tasty and healthy heritage pork. The youngest, my son Joshua (JO), my teenage daughter Lydia (LY), my husband of 16 years, Jesse (J), and finally there is myself, Pam (AM) . I may be the owner, but only together, can we be “ JOLYJAM”. We are just a small, hard working family, who’s goal is to offer the best pork we can. Our secret is that we want our pigs to be happy and have a stress free life. Sometimes they have it better than us. After all, we cater to them every day, rain or shine, -40 to +40.

Farming has always been part of me. I grew up on a farm southwest of Edmonton, Alberta. Instead of going out with the girls to the mall, I would want work on the farm. My happiest memories were spending time with my father fixing fence, vaccinating the cattle, and spending numerous hours working the fields in the tractor. If I had to choose one important thing that my father taught me, it would be to “never be afraid of hard work.”

Once I became a mom and moved to the Ottawa area, it never felt right feeding the meat from the stores, to my family. And constantly asking myself questions like: "Which country did this meat come from?", "How was this animal raised and treated?", and "Did they inject anything into it?". Lately, there are so many horrifying stories regarding the abuse and raising various livestock, it scared me. Many people have been forced to turn away from meat, since there were no safe options.

My husband and I found our 30 acre farm 6 years ago, which is a short distance north of Prescott. We started raising our own animals as soon as we could. We tried farming different species (like sheep and meat chickens), but pigs were always our favorite. They have a bad reputation, but are such clever and amazing creatures. Every summer, we would raise 4 or 5 piglets and process them in the fall. Our friends and family would enjoy it so much, there was never much leftover for us.

In 2018, we found a lady retiring from farming "the Large Black Pig". We instantly knew this was the breed for us and decided to expand so we can share our pork with everyone. We moved from raising a handful of pigs a few months each year, into breeding and raising MANY pigs all year, start to finish. The Large Black has been around for a very long time. They grow slower, have a great immune system, thrive on pasture, love human interaction, and have many other qualities. But best of all, the flavor of this breed is amazing. Before we got our Large Blacks, Lydia and I would go through tons of BBQ sauce. Now, the taste is so immense that we now only add salt and pepper.

Try some of our pork today.

Thank you
Pamela Paquette

Note: Wholesale prices are available on larger order.
To offer you such an amazing product, we must work hard and cannot afford to take shortcuts. We want our animals to live as natural as possible. The pigs all have shelters, but always have access to the outdoors and eat the grass from the pastures, in the summer months. Even give them hay in the winter as a treat.

Alberta is known for the best beef. The trick is simple, they simply add grains to the cows diet. The extra grain gives you a tasty and juicy marbled steak. Corn is cheaper, but is mainly a filler. Being originally from Alberta, I decided to follow the same techniques here at JolyJam. Each day we feed the pigs a pellet formed feed which contains all the vitamins and minerals to keep a pig healthy and strong. In addition, we include a percentage of oats and barley to their ration. This does cost more than corn, but we want to obtain the best flavor.

On top of being raised naturally, we make sure every animal stays antibiotic and hormone free. This breed doesn't need anything else.
We also pay that little bit extra to ensure your bacon and hams are completely nitrate and gluten free.

It is a lot of work and have added ourselves more expenses and work, but I wouldn't feel right selling anything that I wouldn't feed my family.

We try to have most of our products available for delivery. However, it is difficult to keep all cuts and sizes in stock. It can take a week or 2, if you are ordering certain items, specific sized cuts, or custom orders. We will do whatever we can to get your order to you as quickly as possible.