Carleton Mushrooms
Address: 6280 Dalmeny Rd Osgoode, ON, K0A 2W0
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Phone: 613-826-2868
About Us
Our company was started in 1984 by Fernando and Anabela Medeiros. With 15 years experience in mushroom farming, Fernando and Bela followed their dream of building a farm and harvesting quality fresh mushrooms to the local area.
Now, 30 years later our business has since tripled in size. While Fernando is still involved with the business, he and his wife have stepped back and have allowed their two sons Fernando Jr. and Mike to run the operation. Since the sons have taken over 14 years ago, they have more than tripled the yields, brought in state of the art equipment from all over the world, and expanded our business to meet market demands. We take pride in offering fresh local product.
We are strong believers in growing and delivering fresh local produce to our area. We strive in ensuring that produce is being grown in “your own backyard”. Our food safety and handling credentials include HACCP, SQF 2000 and Organic certifications. We continue to educate ourselves on providing safe, quality mushrooms to supply to our local residents.