Clearydale Honey
Address: 3027 County Road 21 Spencerville, ON, K0E 1X0
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Phone: 613-658-5129
About Us
Clearydale Honey is a local-first honey packing company. Operating in small batches, traceability is implemented through a consumer-accessible database with batch codes on each jar describing information about the beekeeper and their honey; harvest date, flavour, packaging date & location, etc. Honey and other honeybee products are purchased directly from beekeepers, generally at their asking price. By connecting the end consumer with knowledge of the original producer, they can decide to buy from them next time. This stimulates the local economy and gives an incentive to beekeepers to sell to Clearydale Honey.
Clearydale raises bees and buys top quality honey from local beekeepers to help get their season's product to market and always have a consistent supply.