Contact: Dasha Smolentseva & Sebastien Armand
Address: 12 Gore St. East Perth, ON, K7H 1H5
Email Address:
Phone: 613-552-2782
About Us
ARTIZEN Kombucha is a fermented tea beverage. Made with love and a nourishing recipe that satisfies cravings for a thirst quenching artisan beverage. We pride ourselves on using premium ingredients in creating an authentic ferment.

We make kombucha the way our grandmother made it with an authentic SCOBY; no cutting corners, nothing artificial. Even our carbonation is natural - it builds up slowly once artizen kombucha is bottled.
Artizen Kombucha is made in house in small batches. Dasha was raised with kombucha in Russia making a potent probiotic brew with her grandmother. This is why we are committed to carrying on traditional way of making kombucha with an authentic culture, pure and simple ingredients: spring water, organic loose leaf teas, organic cane sugar, fresh fruit, Ontario berries, fresh turmeric and ginger. We carry 6 flavours in stubbies, and a variety of seasonal unique botanical, berry, fruity and healthy flavours in kegs on tap.